Liverpool's Mohamed Salah comforts young fan floored by streetlamp

However, for one young Liverpool fan, the moment he caught a glimpse of Egyptian star Mo Salah got a little bit too much.

Eleven-year-old Louis Fowler and his 10-year-old brother Isaac had been spending their school holidays outside Liverpool's Melwood Training Ground, trying to get a picture with their favorite players when Salah drove out in his Bentley.

In a bid to get a wave from his footballing hero, young Louis took his eyes off the path and ran straight into a streetlamp -- "busting his nose" in the process.

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However, the child's pain was quickly forgotten as Salah turned back to check on his avid supporter.

Salah, who scored in Liverpool's opening Premier League game against Norwich on Friday, gave the two brothers a hug and posed for pictures, which were tweeted by the boys' stepfather Joe Cooper.

"He'd [Salah] seen one of the boys had hurt himself and he had the decency to drive back into the close to check that he was OK," Cooper told the Liverpool Echo.

"No-one could believe it. Everyone was gobsmacked. They were made up and Louis forgot all about being injured."

Cooper later took Louis to the hospital where he got the all-clear.

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Act of kindness

The post has since been shared nearly four thousand times, with social media praising Salah for his act of kindness.

"Thank you for coming back to check on my boys after Louis KO'd himself trying to get a wave!," Cooper wrote on Twitter.

"A nose reset worth well worth it he said [sic]. You are a top man and a true gent!"